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Chicken Dark Meat. Twin Rivers Foods has experienced crews capable of deboning dark meat from any cut of the bird. With an excellent track record in removing all the bones--including minute fragments--by utilizing a hands-on production technique, our reputation for being an industry leader in boneless dark meat is second to none. Our customers encompass omestic and international markets, including Japanese Boneless Leg Meat.

Chicken White Meat. Twin Rivers Foods has the ability to process the front half of the bird and produce boneless breast meat, tenders and wings utilizing experienced cutters and state of the art equipment to provide an unmatched quality.

Turkey. Twin Rivers Foods can remove the bones from turkey products - including wings, thighs, drums - to produce a top-quality boneless turkey meat for any market.

Portioned, Stripped
and Shish-Kebob

Twin Rivers Foods:

Employs state of the art sizing equipment as well as experienced
meat cutters to provide sized and/or shaped portions of any cut of meat to
the market.

Has devised equipment and methods for portioning chicken tenders at
the lowest cost in the market.

Has the ability to cut strips, chunks and/or cube any cut of meat to
our customer's specifications.

Can produce any meat product in a Shish-Kebob form using
self-developed technology that ensures consistent, high-quality products.

Individual Freezing
and Marination

Twin Rivers Foods has large capacity freezer units with Ishida Scales and Pac-Mac baggers capable of producing a wide variety of products for foodservice or retail applications.

We also have vacuum tumble and/or needle injected marination capability in a large array of flavors and absorption levels.

Packaging Options

Retail IQF. Twin Rivers Foods packages under several different brands for various customers and will customize a program under any label.

Retail tray pack, fresh or frozen. Twin Rivers Foods produces a wide variety of tray pack items--including products for export and soup bones--and can tailor an assortment to fit any need.

Fresh CVP. Twin Rivers Foods can package any product in a shelf-life extending format.

Industrial or Institutional pack. Twin Rivers Foods services a range of customers in the industry, custom packaged to their specifications.

Ready to Cook,
Breaded Par-Fried Foods

Twin Rivers Foods has the ability to customize a RTC program to fit any specific need, whether it is private label for foodservice, private label for retail or under one of the Twin Rivers brands.

Our Philosophy
"Do what you say you are going to do."  This is the core philosophy that Twin Rivers Foods started with in 1995.
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Our Team
Twin Rivers Foods operates a flexible management system that encourages a pride of ownership in team members' work.
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Our Products
We specialize in both raw and ready-to-cook poultry products and can customize products for your specific needs.
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